About Us

Founded in 1960 as a two-person operation, the studio has grown under the creative vision and leadership of Malcolm Grear. Internationally recognized as a leader in two- and three-dimensional design, Malcolm Grear Designers provide its clients with imaginative solutions to a wide range of brand driven challenges.
Malcolm Grear Designers’ participation in visual communication includes corporate identity and branding programs; exhibit design; environmental graphics; interior and exterior sign and wayfinding systems; donor recognition; educational, cultural and corporate publications and print material; product and packaging design; and interactive design: including web site and software interface design, and film/video.
Malcolm Grear Designers approaches each new situation as a separate entity, with its own particular needs and personality. We do not attempt to apply cookie-cutter systems to design challenges; rather, the solution for each project should generate a system unto itself.
We are continually exploring new areas of design, application and creative expansion, while seeking to maintain the intimacy of size, the individualized approach to problems, and the personal relationship that we have with our clients.

View the Graphis Branding USA 2011, an eight-page offprint