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Catholic News Service Launches New Website


The Catholic News Service (CNS) recently launched their completely redesigned website. ...continue reading

The Nature Conservancy Inspires and Educates Block Island Residents and Visitors


A series of informational panels for The Nature Conservancy of Rhode Island are installed on Block Island to educate visitors about the nature and history of the land with an enfaces on Block Island. ...continue reading

Wayfinding at the Tiverton Public Library


The new Tiverton Public Library officially opened in June 2015, and features vibrant community spaces that are full of life and activity, while also offering dedicated sanctuaries for quiet, individual work. ...continue reading

¡Viva Cuba!


BigTown Gallery in Rochester, Vermont presents ¡VivA Cuba! May 6 – July 12, 2015. The exhibition features a collection of photographs by various artists that captures the culture and landscape of Cuban history. ...continue reading

Dave Cole: American Lullaby


The David Winton Bell Gallery is pleased to present Dave Cole: American Lullaby May 9 - July 5, 2015. The exhibition will focus on Cole’s playful exploration of childhood sentiment in America and the intimate relationship between the construction of national identity, infrastructure building, and the United States military. ...continue reading

Dedication of “Under the Laurentide” by Maya Lin


The Public Art Committee and the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society hosted the dedication of Under the Laurentide–a water table by Maya Lin, on Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society. ...continue reading

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