Wayfinding at the Tiverton Public Library


The new Tiverton Public Library officially opened in June 2015, and features vibrant community spaces that are full of life and activity, while also offering dedicated sanctuaries for quiet, individual work. Over 500 cards have been issued since the opening. The library's long-term plan includes expanding collections, strengthening programs and promoting diversity for all ages, and expanding community service opportunities to students and adult volunteers. For more information about the new library and their extensive programs and services, visit www.tivertonlibrary.org. The library, designed by Union Studio, is located near the Sandywoods community (also by Union Studio).

Malcolm Grear Designers created the interior and exterior signs, wayfinding, and donor recognition for the project as well as the graphic treatment to the large, glass entrance to the children's library. Excerpts from more than 56 well known and cherished children’s books wrap across the glass-box entrance, creating a playful and inviting pattern, as various letters are highlighted in bright colors. 

Photographs by Nat Rea.