Museums Are Creatures Of Change


Visual Magnetics’ exhibition, Creatures of Change, premiered at the recent AAM MuseumExpo in Seattle, thrilling Expo visitors and participants. Designed by Malcolm Grear Designers, the show featured artists and organizations whose work speaks to adaptation, transformation and change. The vision of the exhibit aligned with Visual Magnetics’ mission to provide the museum industry with a way to fully embrace transformation, using earth friendly materials and design solutions. The exhibition is a hands-on demonstration of the versatility of Visual Magnetics’ products, allowing visitors to place, move, and change nearly every display element in the booth.

The show featured Coral Morphologic, a scientific art endeavor comprised of marine biologist Colin Foord and musician Jared McKay. Based in Miami, they operate the world’s only full-time multi-media coral studio and aquaculture laboratory. With the radially-symmetric coral polyp as their muse, they seek to introduce these alien fluorescent animals into popular culture from the current space and time of Miami; a place they’ve dubbed ‘Coral City’ (based on its calcareous and concrete geologic past, present, and future). See NPR’s All Things Considered with Coral Morphologic, as well as the recent article in the New York Times.

The work of Brandon Ballengée was showcased in the setting of a museum gallery, complete with chat panels, donor recognition display, and a museum gift shop, all created with Visual Magnetics’ Dynamic Spaces®. Ballengée’s artworks come from direct experiences with amphibians, birds, fish and insect species found in today’s preternatural ecosystems and those observed in post-natural laboratory settings.

A complete wall of the exhibit was dedicated to The Spiral of Life, a collaboration between artist Joana Ricou and scientist Dr. John A. Pollock of Duquesne University, with help from a panel of scientific experts. The Spiral proposes an updated visualization of evolution that emphasizes the equality of all living things and the most recent understanding of the field.

The exhibition also featured photos, texts and a model from the Reef Ball Foundation and the Nature Conservancy RI, which highlighted their efforts to rebuild reefs and shoreline habitats.

Malcolm Grear Designers developed the brand for Visual Magnetics and continues to provide them with creative and design services for all levels of their visual communications.