New Name and New Look for Preservation Long Island


Malcolm Grear Designers created the new visual identity for Preservation Long Island. The previous name, The Society for Preservation of Long Island Antiquities, in addition to being a mouthful, had become a real obstacle to reaching new and younger audiences. With the name change came the need for a new look for an organization that is very active throughout Long Island — from Brooklyn to Montalk Point. Through advocacy, education and stewardship, Preservation Long Island works to maintain and develop the connection between Long Island's past, present and future.

The new image is based on the letterform "P" combining the letter with the profile of an ionic column as a visual symbol of antiquities. The column also symbolizes strength, stability, wisdom, and sense of history being passed on to future generations. Integrating the column with the initial letter “P” of Preservation creates a very powerful and memorable image that is easily recognized and remembered. At first glance one sees the column and then perceives the letter “P” — cementing the connection to new name Preservation Long Island.

This balance of the classical and historical with the clean, contemporary letterform creates an image that is welcoming, accessible, and people can attach their own experience and meaning to it over time. The reference to the column also speaks to the “built” world — the art and craft of historical antiquities and architecture. It imbues a sense of value — both culturally and financial — to the pursuit of preserving Long Island’s history. The spiral form of the volute also reminds us of the form of a wave, referencing the waterfront that has such prominence in life on Long Island. The pure geometry of the volute serves to draw you in when used as a large graphic device.

The Preservation Long Island visual identity is more than just the symbol alone. It is a system made up of several key design components working together. Working in concert with the symbol is the word mark “Preservation Long Island” which carefully combines classic serif type with the clean and contemporary form of sans serif type. This combination serves to speak to a wider audience and works in a variety of applications and media. The color palette has been carefully considered to achieve a balance between history and appreciation of the past with a sense of welcome, fun, and community engagement. The blue primary identifying color represents stability, trust, calm, water, sky, as well as depth, wisdom, and confidence.

Malcolm Grear Designers has also been retained to design print collateral as well as signs and environmental graphics for their four properties: Sherwood-Jayne Farm in East Setauket, the Custom House in Sag Harbor, the Joseph Lloyd Manor in Lloyd Harbor, and their headquarters located in the Old Methodist Church in Cold Spring Harbor.